Are you worried that your kids are too shy?

That they’re missing out on fun and opportunities because they’re too shy to join in?

Do you feel frustrated because you don’t know how to help them?

Sign up for this FREE online workshop on November 9th and discover how to help shy kids to work with their shyness, build courage and resilience, and become more comfortable with who they are.

Discover how to help your shy kids…

  • Feel happier and more confident

  • Become more resilient and better able to handle difficult situations

  • Feel comfortable speaking up in class and sharing their ideas and opinions

  • Become braver and more inclined to embrace uncertainty and new situations

  • Stop comparing themselves to others and finally feel comfortable being themselves

  • Understand their shyness and take steps to overcome the aspects of shyness that are holding them back

  • Improve their social skills and find it easier to socialise and make friends

  • Say yes to opportunities and take part in activities

  • Feel understood and supported


Who this is for:

  • Parents and carers of shy kids

  • Teachers/TAs/INAs/LSAs

  • SENDCos

  • Professionals who support families

Sign up now and help your shy kids to take the first step out of the shadows and towards a bigger life.

Hi, I’m Nadia – and I’m a shy kid who became a shy + mighty adult.

I help shy people of all ages to step out of the shadows so that they can lead happier and more fulfilled lives. 

I am a shyness expert (and you can imagine what courage it took for me, as a shy person, to claim that title).

I’ve been interviewed on Radio 4 about the impact of shyness, and featured in the Guardian,  I am the founder of the Mighty Mob, I have a publishing deal to write a book about shyness and I am the host of the Shy + Mighty podcast.


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