Is isolation making you feel more shy and anxious?

Join the Shy and Mighty Mingle

Because being on lock down doesn’t mean you’re on your own

Although your world may feel really small right now, it’s important to keep connecting. If your comfort zone contracts during the lockdown, when it’s finally time to go back out into the world, we risk finding even the smallest interaction tricky.



  • Get help combatting any fears and anxieties that you’re experiencing

  • Learn how to adapt to your new situation and how to progress with your work during and after this period of isolation

  • Take a little step forwards towards being a braver you

  • Prepare yourself for when we are let loose into the world again – with renewed passion and confidence

  • Mingle with other quiet people who are keen to create a more mighty life


Who is this for?
The Shy and Mighty Mingle is a calm and softly spoken online meet up specifically for quiet and shy people. It’s a safe space to be escape the noise, distractions and pressure of life under lockdown, and get the support you need to stay connected to the world beyond your home.

Where will we mingle?
We’ll be on Zoom – in our private meeting room. There’s no pressure to be on camera or to speak… but you can talk to me using the text chat box.

When is the mingle?
Once I have a good number of people signed up, I’ll release the date of the first mingle. After that, if it works out well, we can do some more mingling!




I’m Nadia, founder of Shy and Mighty. I’m on a softly spoken mission to help shy people become more mighty.

I know what it’s like to struggle with shyness. For me, my shyness started because of my little voice.

But, rather than hide behind my insecurities, I figured out how to push past my fears, and tap into my hidden strengths … as a podcaster, coach and…. boxer!

That’s why I’m not here to patronise you, or force you to do things that you’re uncomfortable with. I know that you need gentle support and encouragement to coax you out of the shadows and towards your goals.

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