On a mission to help young people work with their shyness, build courage and resilience, and be more confident and comfortable with who they are.

Are you worried your kid is too shy?

That they’re missing out on fun because they’re too shy to join in? 

That they’re missing out on opportunities because they’re too shy to speak up?

A quick Google on the word ‘shyness’ reveals a pretty miserable outlook on their future career and mental health, plus the occasional implication that it’s all down to parenting (not at all helpful).

Is there a cure? How do we fix it?

Are they doomed to a life of unhappiness and frustration?

OK – let’s take a breath and all calm down a bit.

Hi, I’m Nadia – and I’m a shy kid who became a shy + mighty adult.

I help shy people to step out of the shadows so that they can lead happier and more fulfilled lives. 

I’ve been interviewed on Radio 4 about the impact of shyness, and featured in the Guardian,  I have a publishing deal to write a book about shyness and I am the host of the Shy + Mighty podcast.

I am a shyness expert (and you can imagine what courage it took for me, as a shy person, to claim that title).

Nadia Finer Shycology

The existing research on shyness painted a pretty bleak picture, so I commissioned my own survey to see if being shy really did negatively impact on how much someone enjoyed their life.

This is what 68,789 responses revealed:

  • 32% of people described themselves as shy
  • Outgoing people are 45% more likely than shy people to work in a higher managerial role
  • Outgoing people are more than twice as likely than shy people to have a household income of over £100K
  • Only 4.9% of shy people are very happy
  • Shy people are half as likely to be very happy than outgoing people
  • Shy people are more than twice as likely than outgoing people to be very unhappy.

Let me summarise those numbers…

Shyness reduces our chance of a happy life.

Do we need to eradicate shyness to improve our quality of life? NO!

Shyness is a part of our personality. When we learn to embrace it, and work with it (instead of constantly trying to hide or fight it) it’s possible to live a happy, fulfilling life.

Because of my work with shy adults, and as an official ambassador for Girlguiding, I’m often asked about how to best support shy kids.

And that’s why I got to work and built something really special just for shy kids; the Mighty Mob. 

The Mighty Mob is an online coaching group for kids who identify as shy, and who want to feel braver, more able to speak-up, more able to join-in, and more comfortable being themselves.

When asked how much they enjoyed being part of the Mighty Mob, 100% of kids said our programme helped them to:

“feel more confident”

“try new things”

“put their hand up in class.

“become braver”

Here’s how it works…

Students meet up via zoom, in a small group of up to 10 students, to discuss the challenges they are facing and work on becoming more mighty, little by little.

Each week mobsters work on different activities designed to build bravery muscles and help them to find their voice.

Sessions are facilitated by Nadia Finer, a qualified coach and shyness expert.

Mighty Mobsters range in age from 10-12. (We will be adding additional groups subject to demand)

Sessions take place weekly at 5pm (UK time) on a Monday. Each session lasts up to one hour. 

Term Dates: 30 Jan, 6, 20, 27 Feb and 6, 13, 20, 27 March


Just £200 per term

The Mighty Mob will help your kid …

Feel happier and more confident
Become more resilient and better able to handle difficult situations
Feel comfortable speaking up in class and sharing their ideas and opinions
Become braver and more inclined to embrace uncertainty and new situations
Stop comparing themselves to others and finally feel comfortable being themselves
Understand their shyness and take steps to overcome the aspects of shyness that are holding them back
Improve their social skills and find it easier to socialise and make friends
Say yes to opportunities and take part in activities

Feel understood and supported

“We are loving the Mighty Mob! One child, who was a selective mute is now, after 6 years, finally talking in school! It’s a massive breakthrough but I know that coming to the club has helped with this as it gives her a safe space and a little more spring in her step each week.” 



Just £200 per term

“The Mighty Mob has been a fantastic way to help boost the confidence of some of the shyer children in my class. As a Year 6 teacher, I wanted a way to help the children find their voice and inner quiet confidence before they moved to secondary school. After only a few weeks of sessions, I noticed a huge difference in their confidence to use their voice when they wanted to. As we worked through the sessions, they developed a sense of knowing that shyness is not a weakness, but a gift that gives them qualities that others may not have. One of the children summed this up perfectly; “Though she be but little, she is fierce!”

Ms Cottee



What age range is the Mighty Mob designed for?

The Mighty Mob is designed for kids aged approx 9 -13. If you have questions or concerns, please email

How long does the program run for?

The Mighty Mob runs for a term at a time, with 8 x weekly meet ups per term. 

What time are the sessions?

At the moment we have a single Mighty Mob group – which meets at 5pm on a Monday. We are looking to launch more groups in the future. 

What are the dates for this term?

Dates are as follows: 30 Jan, 6 Feb, 20 Feb, 27 Feb, 6 Mar, 13 Mar, 20 Mar, 27 Mar

What if we change our mind?

Fees are paid per mobster, per term up front. It takes time for kids to settle in and start to see the benefit of the program, so we ask that you at least complete 4 sessions. Unfortunately, fees are non refundable. 

I'm interested in the Mighty Mob for my school....

We do run Mighty Mob sessions in schools. Please email to find out more. 

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