Do you wish you could show up, speak up and be more visible in meetings?

You have so much value to share, but you can’t seem to get a word in! 

It’s time to hit the UNMUTE button in meetings!

It’s time for you to speak up and shine.

July 13th 8pm UK time

Sign up for this FREE online workshop and get the help you need to speak up in meetings so that you can step out of the shadows and achieve the big success you deserve.

Here’s what you’ll discover:


  • Super practical tools and techniques to help you be heard in meetings.

  • The one thing that takes less than five minutes that will make you feel more confident and more willing to speak up in meetings than ever before.

  • The one disastrous mistake that’s keeping you scared and stuck… while others are using this exact tactic to get all kinds of recognition every single day.

  • How to and design and run inclusive meetings that support different behavioural preferences.

This is for you if:

  • You often sit through meetings without speaking

  • You are good at what you do, but people don’t know!

  • You’d love to speak up more in meetings, but you’re stuck

  • You need to raise your profile at work but something is holding you back

Sign up now and take the first step out of the shadows and towards a more mighty and successful you.

No more missing out on opportunities, like pay-rises and promotions.

No more sitting silently as other people get the credit you deserve

No more keeping your ideas, skills and talents locked away.

No more being overlooked, underestimated and un-appreciated.

No more living your life in the shadows


Hey there, I’m Nadia, founder of Shy and Mighty.

I’m on a softly spoken mission to help shy people become more mighty.

I know what it’s like to struggle with shyness. For me, my shyness started because of my little voice.

But, rather than hide behind my insecurities, I figured out how to push past my fears, and tap into my hidden strengths … as a podcaster, author, coach and…. boxer!

That’s why I’m not here to patronise you, or force you to do things that you’re uncomfortable with.

I know that you need gentle support and encouragement to coax you out of the shadows and towards your goals.

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