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Shy people don’t need fixing. We don’t need to change who we are.  But, in a world filled with noise and hot air, it’s time for us shy people to speak up and stop hiding. It seems like the world is set up so that you have to be loud and overly confident to succeed … and that’s just not us. So, we feel like success is out of reach.  But that isn’t true! The world needs a mixture of personalities, perspectives, and skills to function. It’s time for us to speak up!

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About Nadia

I know what it’s like to struggle with shyness.

For me, my shyness started because of my little voice – literally. I have a small voice that makes people mistake me for a kid when they ring me on the phone.

Sounding like a little kid has made me very self-conscious. But, rather than hide behind my insecurity, I figured out how to embrace my little voice, push past my fears, and tap into my hidden strengths.

Despite my nerves and shyness, I speak regularly at business and empowerment conferences, corporate events, women’s networking events and secondary schools in the UK, Canada, and the USA.

I‘ve also been featured in numerous publications – including the The Guardian, Marie Claire, The Independent and The Telegraph.

My speaking style is real, open, funny, and highly engaging. I give audiences of all ages gentle support and encouragement to coax them out of the shadows and steadily towards their goals.

Types of Engagements:

Radio and TV

Large Organisations

Schools – Primary and Secondary

The topic of shyness sits under the diversity and inclusion framework, focusing in particular on confidence-building, teamwork, collaboration, and equal opportunity.

ITV Lunchtime News

BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour

BBC Radio 4 Saturday Live

BBC Radio London

The Competition Markets Authority

The Bahrain Petroleum Company

School Speakers network (UK-wide)

Inspiring Females Conference 2019

Launch Lab Events (City University, London)

The CMA invited Nadia to deliver a talk on shyness in the workplace for one of its ‘Tea & Talk’ events which are part of its corporate wellbeing programme. She was a pleasure to work with. She discussed our requirements, offered helpful suggestions and was interested in how we planned to follow up the event. Her talk was informative, inspiring and entertaining, and she encouraged and facilitated audience participation really well.

Phil James

Manager, Markets (Remedies), Competition and Markets Authority

Media Appearances

“Cheers to being the quietest most introverted rockstar I have ever met. Thank you for all the golden nuggets of wisdom you dropped today.”Rhonda

“OMG! The amazingness that comes from Nadia is phenomenal. Love how she inserts humour into her talk. Her message rings true for so many, that we need to be authentic to ourselves, not just in our business but in life.”  Annette Stephenson

“Nadia Finer is a phenomenal inspiration for young people. I loved hearing her techniques for re-framing your fears and embracing the thing that makes you unique. Her talk was especially moving for those who struggle to find a space for their quiet voice to be heard.!”  Emma Russo, South Hampstead High School  

“Absolutely loved seeing you today! You are such an inspiration. A little voice really can change the world.”   Student

“OMG! Nadia is so real, so funny, so vulnerable. Her stories are so inspiring and I’m ready to embrace my uniqueness and play bigger.”

Jennifer Dunham

“Little voice, big business! What a beautiful message to share with the world! Everyone needs to hear this message about embracing your uniqueness to create a life you love!”

Leanne Velky

“Nadia delighted me with her charming personality and her amazing sense of humour. She was absolutely fabulous at using her unique gifts to share her inspiring message and empowering women entrepreneurs to leverage that which makes them different to their advantage instead of seeing it as a weakness. Thumbs up!” 

Alison Beierlein

“Nadia, your speaking is absolutely captivating!! So funny, so real, so powerful!” 


“You are hilarious, genuine and smart! Your message was perfect today, thank you. I can’t wait to learn from from you. You changed my business today!” 


“Inspiring story. Way to walk your talk. Powerful story of self discovery and turning your perceived challenges into your strength and power.” 

Jocelyn Mozak

“Extremely thought-provoking, really got me thinking about being myself, exactly the way I am. Great speaker, I love it!” 

Julie Fairhurst

“Nadia brought it!! She was hysterical, vulnerable, and real. Her personality is beautiful and she is genuinely a rare soul. Hire her to speak! XOXO” 

Karly Wood Kelly

“Nadia, your spirit warms my heart! Have you considered a career in stand up comedy? You’re hilarious and gifted and oh so wonderful! Thank for sharing and for being YOU. I am so drawn in. Your business inspires and empowers me.” 

Kasey Kesner

“I love you so hard! You freakin’ rocked my world! Thank you for being you.” 


“Nadia is naturally humorous and speaks with great insight and sensitivity about her story. She encourages everyone to embrace their uniqueness as the key to success. Little voice, big business… Instead of letting her voice hold her back, she embraces it fully and it led her to success.”

Donna Brown

“I love how Nadia pushed us to go big by not playing small or comparing ourselves and instead to simply show up as our authentic self. Nadia was hilarious, relatable and genuinely authentic. She IS who you want to hire.” 

Natasha Hemmingway

“You are just so cute and super honest and raw when you’re giving advice. It’s the perfect combination.” 


“Nadia, I just adore you! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and for being so joyful and down to earth! It was a true pleasure to meet you and learn from you.”


“Thank you for the great session today. As someone who struggles to speak to people (small groups and large ones) I found your talk really inspiring.”


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