Episode 7: Brownie baker, Alex Flitcroft shares her business growth tips for shy people

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On this episode Nadia is joined by Alex Flitcroft, owner of Flitcroft’s Home Baked, a home baked brownie business based in Manchester, UK. 

Tune in to Alex’s first ever podcast interview and discover how she’s embracing her shyness and pushing herself forwards to big business success, in her own quiet way. 

Alex and I share a love of all things chocolately and gooey. Except that instead of just filling her face like me, Alex has turned this passion into a thriving business. As she says,

“There is nothing worse than biting into a dry, cakey brownie. It’s so disappointing and so not worth the calories!

That’s why I set about making it my mission to bake the best brownies ever! Actually, not just the best.  Better than that……It’s my purpose, my passion, my mission to create the gooiest, most delicious, most indulgent brownies in the world. After all, if you’re going to treat yourself, you should do it properly!”

After we recorded this episode, Alex sent me a big box of brownies and you know what – they are epic; dangerously good!

Right. Must. Focus. Not. On. Brownies!

Alex Flitcroft overcome shyness
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When did you first realize you were shy? 

I have always been shy. I always struggled to get my voice heard, when I would speak up people would laugh but it caused me to be even quieter.


As a shy entrepreneur, how do you handle talking to people or marketing your business?

In front of customers, I am fine. If I am not I hide behind texts or different forms of communication.


Do you think shy people can be successful?

Yes definitely, I think that shy people are just as good as loud individuals and can be just as successful, but I think that shy people just need to find the groove that is right for them and project themselves in that way instead.

Everyone is made differently for a reason; to contribute their unique skill to the world.

For example, my daughter is high functioning autistic and also dyslexic and I wouldn’t change her for the world as she blows me away with her outlook and creativity, and brings a unique perspective to everything she comes across.

Your uniqueness is a gift, it needs to be celebrated and not something to shy away from, so to speak!

I just need to put this in to practice for myself and find my own personal groove, I have begun the journey I just need to keep going now.


Being shy is a good thing because ….

If everyone was loud and confident everyone would be battling against each other to get attention, to get their voice heard and nothing would get done.

You need the shy people in the world to observe, to listen, to gain perspective and make a considered choice. If everyone is talking all the time there is no-one to listen.


Do you have any Shy and Mighty habits that keep you moving forward?

Keep remembering things like, ”Don’t let fear be a thief


Tell us a bit about your lowest shy point…

I’d been asked to lead a group of girls to in a discussion about start ups and identifying the challenges for female entrepreneurs when starting out. I had been asked at short notice and I was panicking…I backed out at the last minute.


What was the turning point for you, when you went from being shy to being Shy and Mighty?

The turning point for me was unearthing the confidence in myself.


Who is your shy inspiration?

Ella Woodward, she has set a good example of building her brand while being a shy person.


Quotes from the Episode:

“It is fascinating who an early experience, something we hold on to, impacts us through the whole of our life.” [00:03:58]

“When I am scared or worried, I feel like its a lot easier to kind of hold a torch and shine a light on someone else [00:10:01]

“Being shy is part of who we are but it is only when it stops us from doing things when it becomes a problem.” [00:12:37]

“It’s quite challenging as someone who is a good listener to be bombarded by words like that because it just a lot to take in, process and ponder.” [00:19:14]

“Don’t let fear be a thief” [00:26:33]






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