Episode 9: Introversion, Highly Sensitive People and Shyness .. with Marianne Cantwell

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On this episode Nadia is joined by author, public speaker and all round splendid person, Marianne Cantwell. Marianne is the author of the game changing book, Be a Free Range Human, the founder of Free Range Humans and a TEDx speaker (“The Hidden Power Of Not Always Fitting In” has close to half a million views and was named by Entrepreneur.com as one of the “Top 10 TED talks to watch to overcome fear of failure”). Marianne has been featured in media including BBC World, the Telegraph, The Guardian, Daily Mail (You Magazine)GlamourPsychologies and business titles such as Forbes Business Week, CBS MoneyWatch, and Management Today and podcasts such as Foundr. She left corporate life over a decade ago, and spent years travelling the world full time with her laptop (before all the cool kids were doing it!). Today she lives between LA, NYC and London, and still travels to quiet beach spots often.

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How were you shy as a child?

In most social systems I am considered an extrovert but when I was growing up as an only child, I was incredible academic and didn’t fit in.  I grew up with an intense shyness.  I was very extroverted with people I was close to but struggled to speak with other groups.


Although you don’t identity as a “classic shy person” these things still effect you today?

I am my most comfortable on stage. When I am speaking on stage it was like all the noise in may head went away because for the first time everyone is on your side and want you to shine.


What in your opinion is the positive of being shy is?

There are quite a few things that shy people do naturally that takes extroverts a lot of energy to do such as interviewing because they are great listeners.

Often people are shy because they care so much.


How would you explain HSP…highly sensitive person?

Someone who our nervous system much more sensitive than the average, disturbed by bright lights and loud noises, physical intolerance..empathy, you are very effected by people, you pick up the energy in a room.


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Quotes from the Episode:

“I think they are totally different metrics., that would be my take on it. Introversion measures one thing in particular which is about where you get your energy from.”  [00:05:50]

“The bright side of that, the part of the spectrum we can use in a positive way is it means we are very empathetic and hyper aware of other people.” [00:09:58]

“One of the natural responses to being a highly sensitive person is to draw away from the world.” [00:21:45]

“Do what works for you because I think when you enjoy the thing that you are doing and you excel at it, good things will come.”  [00:26:40]




Marianne Cantwell   https://mariannecantwell.com

Be a Free Range Human  https://www.beafreerangehuman.com

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