Episode 3: Super networker, Danielle Wallington shares networking tips for shy people

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Discover how shy person, Danielle Wallington, has become the queen of networking.

Jam packed with top tips to get you working the room in style, even if you’re someone who usually clings to the wall or props up the bar!

On this episode Nadia is joined by Danielle Wallington who discusses her experience being a shy person and going from a shy to mighty.  She also shares networking tips for shy people, because even though she’s shy, Danielle is the founder of two events businesses.

Danielle is the founder of milknbizz, a community supporting entrepreneurial moms in their start up journey and beyond. She also runs milknfizz, an events company designed for mums to help get moms out of the house after having their children to remind them they are not just mums and to provide a social aspect to nurture themselves.

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If I was to ask you when you first realised you were shy or if you experience of feeling shy, do you have a sense of when that would be?

I don’t remember the exact time or age but I’ve always just known that I was a shy person. I remember having to do presentations at school. I remember actually missing days off school because I was so worried about going in and talking in front of people.


Listening to you talk about the opportunities you missed or things that you didn’t put yourself forward for, now as an adult, how does that make you feel?

I feel quite sad about in a way but it doesn’t hang over me that much. I look back at times and as a whole they were good time. At the time I didn’t know how to communicate.


Could you think of a particulate low point when your shyness really impacted you?

When I was in middle school probably about 13 or 14. I was nominated for a youth town council board and I had to prepare a speech of why people should choose me for the role and I didn’t turn up because I was so terrified.


How to network when you’re a shy person?

Check out Danielle’s networking tips for shy people:

  • Remember regardless of the amount of people we tend to gather in smaller groups. It is easier to overcome your anxiety and approach 1-2 people than a large group.
  • Gravitate towards the food or bar. Strike up a conversation with someone else one on one
  • Be honest that you are nervous
  • Mention people’s names if you can remember, ask again without any embarrassment if you don’t and disclaiming the fact that it is noisy.
  • Utilize “You know how” statements. You give people idea of what you do but make it relevant to their situation.
  • Don’t think of it as network event. As soon as you think of it as a network event it puts the pressure on. Just think of it as a social evening. There are people about that you can chat with but you don’t have to talk about business.


Quotes from the Episode:

“I always  remembered my parents saying that I was shy so kind of started maybe to believe that. As one of those things that people start telling you something so much, you start to think that you are.”  [00:05:11]

“I didn’t think you could be born shy. I started to consider there is a possibility that your birth experience could effect it.”  [00:05:56]

“As you get older you become comfortable in yourself and more confident. Age has a big impact on you. [00:14:35]

“By building a tribe of mums, you’re surrounding yourself with your kind of people.  Perhaps that make it easier for you to be confident, open and to put feelings of shyness to one side.” [00:17:49]

“Its authentic. I definitely think that people resonate, they form a bond with you when you’re honest with them.” [00:19:13]



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