Is your shyness holding you back?

Is your self-consciousness keeping you small?



The Mighty Me coaching is designed specifically to help shy people to overcome the elements of shyness that are holding them back and achieve their unique vision of success, without pretending to be something they’re not.


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You want to achieve big things in your life and work.

You want to be visible; appreciated; and recognised.


You have been told you’re very capable, if only you would stop being so shy.

But, you have no clue how to move past your fears and insecurities.

You spend far too much time worrying about what other people think about you.

You have so much to offer the world, but you keep your gifts locked away.

You worry that in order to be successful you’ll have to turn into something you’re not.

You feel frustrated with yourself for keeping yourself so small.


You feel like you are lurking in the background of your own life

And yet you see the possibilities of a richer, more exciting career and life, filled with opportunities.

You try telling yourself to get a grip.
You try pushing yourself to be braver.
You try speaking up.

But it doesn’t work. At all! You just keep on getting stuck. In your own head.

You feel like you’re trapped inside your comfort zone; and it’s shrinking!
You know you’re made for more, but you can’t seem to move forwards.


So you try more stuff…

You watch inspirational talks.
You bury yourself in books.
You listen to podcasts with people shouting at you to BE MORE CONFIDENT. (As if it were that easy!)
You then shift to coaches who promise they can help FIX you in as little as 3 months and for one easy payment of $10,000.
Fix you?! How rude!

Nothing seems to work. It’s so frustrating!

And so you just stay stuck, inside your shyness…

Wondering, how come other people seem so confident? The ones with who seem to effortlessly put themselves out there. The ones who seem to attract all the exciting opportunities. The ones who seem destined for big things. How do they do it?

Pondering, how on earth you’re going to finally get over this limitation of yours, so you can get on with living your life and achieve your full potential?

Grappling, with the possibility that this might never happen for you.

Doubting, if you will EVER get the kind of recognition you deserve.


And all you see around you are other people who radiate confidence.
People who have supposedly battled their fears, and yet, somehow, they seem like they’ve never had a doubt their whole lives.
People who are living their best lives, while you feel like you’re burying yourself in the background.


Enough, already! Your shyness doesn’t need to control you like this.

I have developed a system that takes away…

  • The constant battle to overcome your fears
  • The struggle with self-consciousness and doubt
  • The blocks that are keeping you hidden
  • The pre-occupation with the judgement of others
  • The resentment you feel when others succeed
  • The urge to pretend to be someone else
  • The frustration you feel with your lack of progress
  • The regret you feel for keeping yourself so small


This system will help you step out of the shadows and overcome your shyness so you can be more visible, share your ideas with the world and achieve your goals without scaring yourself senseless or pretending to be something you’re not.


Who am I and why should you listen to me?

I’m Nadia Finer and I’m on a softly-spoken mission to help shy people be more mighty.

I know what it’s like to struggle with shyness. You see, all my life I’ve had a little voice. Really little. The kind of voice that makes random people tell me that I should be a cartoon voice-over actress. A voice so little that when strangers ring my house phone, they ask me to put my mum on the phone.

Sounding like a little kid has made me very self-conscious.

Even though I knew I had great ideas and a load of potential, I played it small. No matter how successful I was on the outside, I just couldn’t shake the doubts; I still had that little voice in my head, holding me back and stealing my joy.

Then one day I had an epiphany. Unless I take a big sideways step out of my own way, I’ll never live up to my full potential.





So, I made a decision. A decision to step it up. It was the best decision I ever made. I learned to recognize and squash fears, bit by bit. I started to embrace the things that make me unique and focus on the people I’m helping, rather than fixating on my doubts.

I won’t lie and say that the doubts go away forever. But I can tell you that they can be overcome and that you don’t have to live your life based on them.

As a result of embracing this thing that could have held me back, I’ve built a career as a successful business coach, author, podcaster, and international speaker. I’m also possibly the least likely boxer ever to step foot into the ring!

That’s why I’m not here to lecture you, boss you around, patronise you, or force you to do things that you’re uncomfortable with. I know that you need gentle support and encouragement to coax you out of the shadows and towards your goals.

I know what you’re thinking…

Whatever she’s on about … it won’t work for me because I am too shy, I’m too stuck and I just can’t do it. And if it were that simple, everyone would be confident.


Let me show you why this is unlike anything you have seen before

Shy and Mighty Coaching has been designed by a shy person, specifically for shy people.  My method is softly spoken words of encouragement, and gentle butt kicking!

You don’t need fixing or changing. I’m here to help you embrace who you really are and overcome and the specific aspects of your shyness which are holding you back, so that you can get on with living your life.

We’ll focus on building your bravery and improving your comfortability in certain situations, for example networking, presenting, public speaking, ideas sharing, podcasting, video making, social media, self-promotion etc.

The regular laser coaching sessions will push you to take consistent action, and keep you moving forwards, week after week, and gradually reveal a more mighty side to yourself.

The SHY AND MIGHTY Coaching program follows my unique SHYCOLOGY System:



My goal is to help you…

  • Understand your shyness and how to make it work for you
  • Build on your unique strengths and skills.
  • Push past your fears and doubts and insecurities
  • Gradually come out of hiding and become more visible
  • Build your strength and resilience so you can leap over obstacles
  • Say “YES!” to opportunities that would have terrified you before.
  • Speak up and stand up for what you believe.
  • Feel valued, respected, and appreciated.
  • Keep on moving forwards, step by step.
  • Set yourself big goals and actually achieve them

In fact, those big goals (and the things you have to do to make them a reality) don’t even phase you anymore. You know it’s just a matter of taking it one step at a time.   Instead of being held back by limiting beliefs, you’re taking consistent steps forward.

You’re finally free!

Free, from stress and fear and limiting decisions.

Free to be yourself.

Free to pursue your vision of success.

Free to achieve big things.


Picture it.. how proud you’ll feel knowing  you’re achieving success in your own way. All those doubters will eat their words. Ha! You’ll hold your head high and even walk with something resembling a wiggle!



The nitty gritty

Because I want your experience to be in-depth and personalized, we will work together on one-on-one video calls, with a session every week.

We will dive deep into your goals, your problem areas, and work out what actions you need to take NOW to move forward so that you can be braver and go bigger in your life and work.

You’ll get answers to your questions, strategies tailored to your life and work, and the momentum you need to push past your doubts and insecurities, helping you to take consistent action towards your goals, week after week.

I suggest we work together over the course of 6 months.

We will meet every week, for a 30 minute one-to-one coaching session, via Zoom.

Cost: £2,400 for the six-month program or £400 per month 

Just imagine all the exciting things you’ll achieve!

“Nadia is so supportive and positive and really does have an amazing way of helping you through your problems without making you feel overwhelmed or scared of what you need to do, but rather excited about what you can achieve!”   Claire

“Nadia has something unique that I dare say is not seen enough in the worlds of coaching: humility. Along with that beautiful virtue, her no nonsense practicality coupled with savvy know-how skills and smart strategy, make her the most lovely combo to work with. Don’t let the little voice thing fool you, she’s one kick ass coach that isn’t afraid to be herself and help you claim your place in your business and creations! I just love her, what else do you need to know?!”   Michelle

“I can almost see light at the end of the tunnel already, Nadia! It’s early days, but my mindset is changing quickly. And that’s where it starts. Right?”  Carol Ann  

“Thank you for everything that you do. Just knowing that you’re my coach makes me feel confident that I can reach my goals.”   Nina Simone

“AMAZING UPDATE!: I just had an online chat with Nadia Finer. And let me tell you, she has helped me so TREMENDOUSLY, that I can’t even tell you!!! Nadia has helped me identify my target market and the pain points I help resolve. And it was actually the opposite of what I thought. I have had tons of support from others in various ways, But what Nadia just did for me is a complete game-changer for me and my business. I am SO excited!”  Mel

Thanks to Nadia, I went from feeling overwhelmed, trying to do everything, selling myself too short to feeling not only more confident in my business, but I have a clear plan now. I know where I’m heading, and the potential I have to thrive. The momentum, interaction and support was a unique experience itself and that has to do with Nadia been a great mentor and a friend when you needed one. She helped me make important decisions when I needed her help, and she also kept my goals in check. I totally recommend working with Nadia!” Susan

“I have never been one to spend money on coaching (that is crazy now I see!!) or ask for help but Nadia has changed my views completely! She is so supportive and positive and really does have an amazing way of helping you through your problems without making you feel overwhelmed or scared of what you need to do, but rather excited about what you can achieve!” Claire

“I’d been stalking Nadia for a little while before I started working with her – I loved that she was a real, down-to-earth, no-nonsense type gal, someone who clearly knows her stuff and has been around a bit (in the nicest possible way!!) You see, there are a lot of folks out there who know their shiz. But what I needed was someone who would gently coerce (and sometimes be a little bit brutal, but all in good humour) me into doing the things in my business that I was shying away from. Nadia has played the exact right mix of Teacher, Hand-holder, Butt-Kicker and Nurturer. She absolutely rocks, and I feel like I can do anything with her on my team.” Bella


Book a discovery call to see if it’s right for you

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