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Shy and Mighty Book

Shy and Mighty

By Nadia Finer

Nadia Finer is on a softly-spoken mission to give shy people a voice.

Shyness can make us feel isolated, and it’s inherently difficult to talk about, yet half of all humans consider themselves shy.

Shyness is not weakness, nor a shameful secret.

Let’s own our shyness, and work with it in the face of the loud, outgoing idea of success.

It’s time for a softer, more considered approach.

Shy people have unique qualities and skills, so let’s nurture and appreciate them.

This book gives shy people the support and understanding they need to step out of the shadows.

Together we can unleash the shy potential in our society.

Shy and Mighty Book

Shy and Mighty (Kids)


Our noisy world sometimes feels like it’s not made for shy people. This book will help children understand shyness and find their inner voice.

Shyness is often misunderstood. It’s not a personality flaw, it’s a complex trait with many positive aspects. However, shyness means many kids struggle to speak up in class, get involved in activities, make friends, put themselves forward, and compete. As a result they can miss out on exciting opportunities, and are often overlooked, ignored, and sidelined… but it doesn’t have to be this way. Shy And Mighty offers a new way of looking at the subject that will comfort and reassure shy children and help them overcome the aspects of their shyness that are holding them back, without pretending to be something they’re not.

Packed with simple tools and ideas to help children take small steps to get more involved, share their ideas, and make friends, Shy and Mighty also explores the science behind shyness, the potential costs of shyness, and more. Combining personal experience with extensive research and feedback from parents and children, Shy and Mighty will help kids go from invisible, to invincible!

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