Batten the hatches

by | Feb 18, 2022 | Mighty Mail | 0 comments

The wind is raging.

On my way home yesterday, a huge tree branch fell from above and missed my car by inches!

And then, a few moments later, a massive A-frame style shop sign blew across the pavement, like a zombie, heading for the road, where me and my little car sat in traffic, pondering our lucky tree-branch escape.

I was so relieved to make it back home in one piece!

So today, as the wind whirls and whips around the house, we’re staying in.

Bobby the dog is definitely not allowed out. He’s got all the aerodynamic qualities of a kite, but he won’t be testing them out.

Even though the windows are rattling, there’s a brisk breeze inside, and the shed is most definitely at risk, I feel safe and snug at home.

Nothing beats a fuzzy pair of slippers, a good book, a steaming cup of hot chocolate, with marshmallows obviously, and a Bobby snuggle.

When you’re a shy person, there’s a time for pushing ourselves forwards. And a time for resting up and recovering.

When you’re a shy person, there’s a time for being brave and doing scary things. And a time for enjoying comfort and safety and snugness.

I don’t feel guilty for revelling in comfort and safety. It’s not being lazy. Far from it. From time to time, we need snugness.

Once the wind has passed, and the debris has been cleared, Bobs and I will venture out again into the world.

We’ll be ready to be mighty again.

What makes you feel snug and safe?

I’d love to hear from you.

Nadia xx


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