Ask the Shycologist

Welcome to the audio advice column from Shy and Mighty. 

Think of me as your shyness agony aunt!

If you have a challenge or a dilemma relating to your life as a shy person, you’re in the right place.

This is a safe, anonymous space for you to share your challenges and get advice from me, Nadia, aka the Shycologist.

Tell me what’s up and I’ll get back to you on the Shy and Mighty podcast with some quiet words of encouragement and ideas to help you become more mighty.

Perhaps you’re struggling to navigate personal relationships, work, business or school? I can help with all aspects of shyness.

Post your question or tell me about your situation below and I’ll get back to you via the Shy and Mighty Show.

How do you ask for advice from the Shycologist? 

  • Simply ask your question by posting your dilemma question comment below.
  • All questions are anonymous, so there’s no need to leave your name et
  • If your question is selected, I will then read out your question – anonymously of course- on the Shy and Mighty Show…. and do my best to help you.


Thank you for trusting me with your questions.



PS. Please note, it may take me a while to get to your question.

PPS. I reserve the right to summarise or modify your question for the sake of clarity and or brevity.

PPPS. Only questions relating to shyness will be considered.

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